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Ready to reserve a cabin or RV site? if so, click the Reserve Now button. Otherwise, see below for more information on our reservation options.

Cabin Reservations


To reserve a cabin, please call us at 828-829-5005. Overnight rentals start at $79/night. We also have month-to-month rentals available.

Overnight RV Site Reservations


We have a limited number of overnight RV sites. See the chart below for pricing.

In-Season Weekday:

In-Season Weekend:

Off-Season Weekday:

Off-Season Weekend:







Seasonal RV Site Reservations


If you are interested in a seasonal RV site, visit here to see current availability. You can also call us for more information at 828-829-5005.

Golf Cart Reservations


Golf cart reservations are currently priced at $45 a day. Call us for details or reserve online.

Boat Storage Reservations


To reserve a boat storage site online, visit our reservation system. If you would like to reserve a site for the entire season, please contact us at 828-829-5005. See the chart below for rates.









Long-Term RV Site Reservations


To reserve a long-term RV site, call us at at 828-829-5005. Pricing starts at $600/mo for long-term stays.

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